A submission to NIST's Cryptographic Hash Algorithm Competition
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    Shabal is a cryptographic hash function submitted by the France funded research project Saphir to NIST’s international competition on hash functions.

    More specifically, the research partners of  Saphir (with the notable exception of LIENS) initiated the conception of  Shabal and were later joined by partners of the soon-to-be research project Saphir2 who actively contributed to the final design of Shabal.

    Authors of Shabal

    Emmanuel Bresson, Anne Canteaut, Benoît Chevallier-Mames, Christophe Clavier, Thomas Fuhr, Aline Gouget, Thomas Icart, Jean-François Misarsky, María Naya-Plasencia, Pascal Paillier, Thomas Pornin, Jean-René Reinhard, Céline Thuillet, Marion Videau


    Saphir (Security and Analysis of Hash Primitives) is an ANR funded project on hash functions.  Saphir has started on March 2006 for a duration of three years and brings five partners together:  Cryptolog International, DCSSI, France Telecom (leader), Gemalto and LIENS. The goal of Saphir is to develop a better understanding of recent attacks on hash functions and their potential impact; to extend their scope; to reconsider the design of secure hash functions.  The project also aims at proactively anticipating new research directions in the area of hash functions, and at making subsequent results available to the largest audience.


    Saphir2 is a 4-year research project funded by the French research agency (ANR) and will continue the works and achievements of the Saphir project starting from 2009.  Partners of  Saphir2 come from both industry and academia; in addition to partners of Saphir, 4 new partners (EADS SN, INRIA, Sagem Sécurité and UVSQ) are about to join and contribute.